Supporting the secure exchange of patient data in Healthcare

Worried about patient data when exchanging medical communications?

ReferralNet Secure Message Delivery helps healthcare professionals confidentially and efficiently exchange patient data such as referrals and other documents by encrypting the information digitally and instantly at the time of exchange.

The secure exchange of patient data is of the utmost importance at ReferralNet. We recognise data privacy and the ethical sharing of data is top priority for health professionals and we are committed to always meeting the needs of our customers by providing a safe and secure way of managing this information.

The importance of interoperability for secure messaging

For Healthcare professionals to truly benefit from using secure messaging platforms, they require systems that are compatible with one another. This is where we see the importance of Interoperability. Interoperability is the ability for two or more different secure messaging systems to communicate, exchange and interpret data with one another. The data exchanged, which requires structured standards, enables this information to be understood by users, regardless of the application being used.

ReferralNet is two-way interoperable with Argus and Go Fax, therefore allowing ReferralNet users to easily communicate with more healthcare providers securely in their network. Interoperability also allows these users to provide better patient care and improve the patient healthcare journey by giving providers a holistic view of the patient past digital medical record and medical history.

Other benefits of interoperability and secure messaging for patients:

Protection of patient privacy

The main goal of interoperability is to establish a connection mechanism for secure messaging between healthcare providers. Don’t compromise the privacy of your clients, or their data. A Breach of patient privacy is more likely where the data is collected and stored manually. Interoperability improves patient privacy by having the clinical staff collect the data through a secure device, on a secure network, and digitally storing it on a secure server or cloud storage.

Quality healthcare

Complete visibility and access to patient information for both healthcare organisations and the patient is the main advantage of interoperability. Most people get healthcare from multiple facilities, hospitals, and doctors. Interoperability unifies these separate interactions, ensuring quality and holistic healthcare service for the patient with the provider to provider communication.

Better experience

Interoperability enhances the patient experience by shifting the focus on patient care instead of administrative tasks. Instead of spending time collecting and process data manually, the staff will spend more time understanding the needs of the patient.

Get started

ReferralNet is a leader in the medical interoperability and secure messaging sector. We have already improved the productivity of many healthcare organisations with our innovations. Put yourself at the centre of the digital health network. If you want to avail the benefits of healthcare interoperability, you can contact our team. We will undertake an interoperability readiness check of your organisation and discuss how we can help you.

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