Four benefits of receiving referrals direct to your clinical system

Have you removed most paper from your practice but still receiving fax referrals? Moving towards digital healthcare is an exciting step, and we are here to help.

ReferralNet is a secure messaging product that allows clinicians to communicate with other healthcare providers. It enables the secure exchange of documents, including referrals, letters and discharge summaries.

We highlight some of the key benefits of implementing an electronic referral process to receive referrals through your clinical system.

One Inbox

ReferralNet provides you with a dedicated inbox for all of your referrals directly in your clinical system.

ReferralNet’s partnership with GoFax means that you can also receive fax referrals direct to your provider system as an electronic referral. When a fax comes in via your GoFax number, ReferralNet services will transform the document into HL7, thereby passing the eReferral securely into the connected clinical system for action.

This process means there is no need to receive faxes separate from your secure electronic referrals. Seeing all your referrals in one location provides you with a better overview and removes the need to check multiple sources for up-to-date information.

Decreased Referral Processing Time

Receiving electronic referrals removes the need for manual processes such as scanning and re-keying data. Removing the need for manual processes creates a more efficient workflow, reducing your team’s time spent on unnecessary administrative tasks and creating less stress on the referral workflow.

The removal of paper processes results in a faster and more seamless experience for clinicians and patients, easing responsibilities on multiple parties throughout the process.

Having one place to receive all inbound referrals means you can monitor the entire experience from start to finish.

Improved Communication Between Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers can view, update and track eReferrals through their clinical system. Having all referrals accessible from one inbox from the start is highly beneficial and creates a more effective workflow for providers.

Centralised information reduces double handling and makes referrals easier to manage with easy access to communication within the provider’s system. Eliminate the need to check in the scanned files and the eReferral inbox and reduce the chance of misplacing faxed and scanned referrals.

Less Room for Error

As a result of utilising paperless processes, there is a decreased risk of security breaches, lost referrals with sensitive patient information and missing or omitted information.

A step forward to digital

Choosing ReferralNet as your secure messaging product ensures that you can still receive referrals from practices that still haven’t made the swap from fax to digital. The Go Fax and ReferralNet partnership is a reflection of the Australian digital health market, where there is still a large number of businesses sending referrals via Fax.

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